What kind of assessments will you go through?


Before the start of the program, you will complete a movement assessment via zoom call. This valuable information will give Emeka the ability to individualize programs for you.

What will workouts focus on?



Each workout will improve athleticism, aesthetic appearance, and incorporate core training. These workouts are also set up to offer anti-ageing benefits while boosting overall general health.

Online Training



Online training is for the busy and motivated career-oriented people. If your work, lifestyle or the current COVID pandemic is preventing you from meeting a trainer routinely, then this is the perfect program for you.

One-on-One Training




During one-on-one training sessions, Emeka will take you through either a full upper or lower body split depending on your goals. During the training session, he will be detailed to make sure you are exercising with proper form. Training sessions will end with conditioning. Coach Emeka believes that looking good is important, but having a well-equipped cardiorespiratory system is the type of engine you need to have the necessary stamina to win in sport and life.

Speed and Agility





Speed and agility sessions are for the athlete looking to gain a competitive edge over their opponent. To become faster, you need to improve a combination of qualities. The main qualities are strength, mobility, and reactive agility. Most sports live and die by who can accelerate the fastest over 10-15 yds. Taking this information into account, Emeka will structure the training sessions in a way that will maximize the athlete’s ability to accelerate while strategically incorporating multi-directional speed.





Bootcamp workouts will be geared towards corporate companies looking to improve work production for their employees. The goals for our Bootcamp sessions will be to boost energy levels, spark creative thinking and enhance overall general wellness so that each employee can maximize their work production.

Are you ready?

I simplify training for the busy and motivated career-oriented people. My program is set up to restore your natural athleticism so that you can live an active lifestyle and attack each day like the champion you are. Becoming a part of our small Arizona community will be the best investment both physically and mentally. With that, I cannot wait for you to get started!