Having worked with Emeka daily, it is clear to see that he is one of the leading professionals in the strength and conditioning industry. His knowledge base and commitment to excellence is clear to anyone who has the privilege to work with him. Not only does Emeka possess a fantastic command of the technical aspects of training, he holds his trainees to a standard that exceeds expectations on all levels. He demands accountability but is adaptable and approachable. He pushes the limits but understands how to work with a busy schedule. He brings a professionalism to his craft, but also lends a smile and a laugh for those tough days of training. If you are looking for a coach who will help you take your game to the next level, but also truly cares about you as an individual, look no further than Emeka Akoh.

Tom DiStasio

Navy Seal Strength & Conditioning Coach

It has been my great pleasure to be trained by and come to know Emeka Akoh.  He has an exceptional work ethic and knows what it takes to motivate a person.  He has a way of taking individuals and melding them into a team.  The passion and enthusiasm he has for physical fitness is extraordinary.  He shows up for work every day as if it were the most important day of his career.  I have never met someone with the working knowledge of both anatomy and fitness who can translate it with such practical application as he does.  His passion sets him apart from others in the fitness industry. He lives and breathes the healthy lifestyle. Emeka assists with diets, meal plans, and personal fitness plans to ensure both individual and team goals are met.  The most enduring thing about Emeka is his character.  He is a good person who genuinely cares about others.  I am honored to know him, and joyfully would recommend him to anyone.

Lance Burnett

Battalion Chief , Oklahoma City Fire Department

When I first started working out with the sports company EXOS and Emeka at the Boathouse as part of the OKC Respond program, I was about 200 pounds.  Emeka’s workouts, diet recommendations, and motivation helped me lose 20 pounds, 4% body fat, gain muscle, improved cardio and greatly improved my flexibility and balance.  I’m almost addicted to it now and am very dedicated to showing up every morning at 6:00 am for not only the workout but the comradery with my fellow first responders who want to get healthy.  Also, because of this program I have become involved with rowing and improving my overall health with this sport. 

Brian Jennings

Deputy Chief Operations Bureau, OKC Police Department

Emeka is one of the very best in his profession, while maintaining a humble persona.  He is a knowledgeable and experienced trainer, who is dedicated and passionate about what he does.  He is not only great at creating buy in and cohesion while training in a group setting, but also at leading people to train at their peak performance as individuals.  Emeka cares about your specific goals and will do everything in his power to help you meet them.  Emeka personally helped me achieve my ideal physical physique, in preparation for my wedding.  Most of the classes I attended were in a group setting, but Emeka often stayed late after class to help me achieve my goals.  He did this by giving me a personalized exercise program with strategic advice.  Most importantly, Emeka is a kind man with great character and integrity. 

Katie Burnett

Oklahoma City Police Department

After college ball and now being in the world of outside sales I still have the competitive drive in me. Not in a group setting but individually. Emeka’s programing allowed me to compete with myself to see improvement both mentally and physically. The cycles of life have taken me through strength and mass, flexibility, aesthetics, and endurance training. No matter your goal Emeka has the ability to help you reach your desired goals.


Senior Marketing Representative, Federated Insurance

Emeka worked with our men’s and women’s tennis teams during his graduate program at Georgia College. His passion to make athletes better every day was infectious and easily visible in our sports performance program. Our players could not wait to get to the weight room every day that Emeka worked with them. The results clearly showed in our ability to compete with the best teams in the country every day!!!

Steve Barsby

Head Tennis Coach , Georgia College

Emeka Akoh is a world class trainer. I was able to be trained by him for two years and his ability to mix high intensity workouts with functional training for professionals in the fire service was incredibly successful in getting me ready to do my job. I have never been in better shape and felt better prepared for the work I do on a daily basis. I would recommend Emeka to every professional firefighter, police officer, or military service person (active or retired) because he knows what he is doing and can get the job done!”

Tony J. Davis

Deputy Chief Support Services, Oklahoma City Fire Dept.

Emeka Akoh is an excellent and versatile high-performance coach.  Emeka is constantly looking for ways to improve his student’s training experience and more importantly their lives.  His work-out programs have greatly improved my strength and fitness levels.  Emeka enhanced the training experience by adding yoga and meditation pieces to help exercise the mind.  He constantly encourages his students to improve their nutrition and provides tips to succeed.  Emeka is always willing to provide extra stretching or rehab suggestions post workout to those students that may be experiencing minor aches/pains.  Emeka’s most important trait is his compassion.  Emeka genuinely cares about each student.  He will push you hard, encourage you often, and help you always.

Chris Wright

Major Special Operations Coordinator

Emeka is an outstanding strength and fitness coach! His knowledge is remarkable, and his passion is unmatched. I’ve never had as much fun while getting my butt absolutely kicked as when I worked out with Emeka!

Joel Thomas, MD

Radiology Consultant PC

Coach Emeka prides himself watching you reach your fitness goals. In addition, you could see the joy on his face whenever you completed a challenging lift that you didn’t think you originally could do but he believed in you all along. Emeka is an excellent trainer. He is a perfect combination of tough yet warm, commanding yet patient. Emeka knows just when to encourage and when to push to get that last ounce of you during workout. He motivates you to push past perceived limits to get results and emphasizes correct form with each exercise. He has an easy going friendly personality that allows for a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere each workout session. Within just a few months of training with Emeka, I became the strongest I’ve ever been, gained more flexibility, improved my balance, and boosted my energy levels which has increased my production at work. Most importantly, working out has become a fun activity that I looked forward to everyday. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and his enthusiastic commitment to his trainees is the perfect combination of success and healthier lifestyle. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, you couldn’t find a better fitness coach than Emeka.”

Vinay Joseph

Director of Engineering, Star Building