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What is Akoh Fit

Akoh Fit is a holistic style to strength training. It is taking everything that we know about optimizing human performance and packaging it into a time-efficient session so that we can maximize your work output every day while minimizing stress levels.

To maximize your work output, coach Akoh believes you need to live and breathe by his 5 pillars:

  • Mindset is taking all the positive thoughts and ideas in your head and being resilient until you can make it a reality. Life will create stress on you, but it is how you perceive that stress that will determine your success.
  • Personal Development is at the cornerstone to improving one’s quality of life. To personally develop yourself, find books and people that will help to better a certain facet of your life.
  • Movement is a combination of both strength training, conditioning, and living an active lifestyle.
  • Nutrition is the fuel that you give your body for it to perform at its personal best.
  • Recovery is taking everything that we know about minimizing stress and using those methods so that our bodies can re-charge for the next day

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